Hentai Plays Offer you a service like youtube This is the list of our features :

Playlists : users can Create their own hentai playlist of what Hentai episodes they like. Or watch later.

Auto play: the auto play or up next allow the next episode to be played automatically.

Direct download: the episode can be downloaded from the download button.

History : history of what episodes you watched before,

Mobile and Tablet : any Mobile compatible player

Night mode : you can turn the night mode in the icon of user login to Watch The episodes in the dark for good vision.

New updates : 

  • ability to subscribe to a ( Genres like : NTR or school Girl ) only so if playlist gets updated user shall get a notification. [enable/disable]
  •  ability for users to set in the settings from which categories they want to see Of Episodes on homepage

and  more coming soon features